Hello everyone!!
welcome to my personal blog Thoughts Point.
In this page, you will get information of My self, My goals and My website. You will get to know about your benefit by visiting my website.

I am Prachiti Narayan Parab, have recently done with my graduation in humanism. (History and Political science). Now, I am pursuing Masters in history from Mumbai University. I have done research diploma from TISS.

I am Godaddy and Techeigigs powered digital marketing practitioner since 2020. Have associated as an entrepreneur, with the Pan India IT company corporate infocom Private Limited. In the process of learning marketing, I have gained lots of experience of market and human psychology. that massively affect on my personality, career, thoughts and lifestyle.

◆ My Passion

When I was in school, had realised that I could write poems. Had started writing on different topics. At that time my reading made my writing so much mature. I found myself interested in writing articles, essays, stories, Dramas and thoughts.

With the support of my teachers, had developed myself and my skills. Healthy discussion on various topics with professional Ones made myself too much improved. Had get enriched in knowledge.

Throughout my college journey I started taking part in state and national level competition. I honoured with 1st prize in many elocution and poem writing competitions. I used to share my thoughts to friends. automatically I was able to speak very well. My fear of stage begun to subside. My thoughts got sharpen. with practice, I became smarter in reading, writing and public speaking. Now, I just want to explore my knowledge and thoughts.

◆ My Goals

It is said that imparting knowledge increases knowledge. And the society develops as the society acquires good knowledge. It’s my aim to become rich in education. Also each and every person of my society get valuable learnings.

Ancient India was very rich in 64 arts and 14 Sciences. Gurukul system of India was splendid for education. Each and every learner of Gurukul acquires great knowledge of life. It’s my goal that Reintroduced Gurukul system in India. So that each can learn humanism, Sciences, practicality, arts and life lessons. As a result everyone can live with respect and Honour and complete all their dreams.

◆ About my Website

My Website Thoughtspoint.com is dealing in Education field. Here you will get the knowledge of humanism. I want to explore my knowledge of History, Political science, Sociology, Economics, Geography and Arts. What I observed, Today’s generation is facing many psychological and mental problems. I have shared that knowledge also to deal with contemporary problems.

In this webpage you will get many life hacks to live better life. You will get enlighten after reading the life thoughts shared in this page. Just visit my page regularly and get rich in knowledge.

विद्यां ददाति विनयं विनयाद् याति पात्रताम्।

पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति धनात् धर्मं ततः सुखम्।।

Knowledge bestows humility, humility brings merit, and merit brings wealth, by which one does righteousness and remains happy.