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How to manage stress?

Guys, stress and problems are the part of life. But managing stress is art of life. Let’s have a discussion on how to manage stress. Before it, understand the concept of stress by its meaning and definition.

what is stress? To know how to manage stress.

Stress is a feeling of anxiety frustration helplessness angriness and nervousness. It is the feeling of emotional and physical tension. Stress can be positive and negative. Positive stress help you to complete your task and meet a goal. But negative stress last for a long period of time and its harm you. Stress is nothing but your reaction to a challenge. There are two types of stress

1) Acute stress

It is short term stressed that goes away quickly. It occurs when you do something new and in enthusiastic way. Everyone can have acute stress at one time or another. It can be part of everyday life

2) Chronic stress

It lasts for a longer period of time. It can occur from money problem, trouble at work, and unhappy marriages. Stress may lead to health problems. It is dangerous.

How to manage stress?

1) Take physical careHow to manage stress

If your body is fit, your mind can be stable. Your physical fitness leads to relaxation and energy. You can work in enthusiastic way. Remember the days of your illness, you were feeling helpless frustrated and weak. If you are physically fit, you can handle any problem of life.

What to do?
A) Exercise and workout
B) Yoga in the morning.
C) Do hardwork.
D) Maintain your diet.
E) Consult a doctor once in a month.
F) Visit natural places.

How to manage stress

2) Maintain emotions

Stress is nothing but the feeling of mind. It is important to control your emotions, in order to overcome the stress. You get stressed out when you go on an emotional died. People who are emotionally healthy, can control their thoughts behaviour and feelings.

What to do to improve emotional health?
A) Meditation.
B) Read motivational and informational books.
C) Follow your ideal.
D) Visit peaceful places.
E) Do spiritual things.

3) Problem solving attitude

Most importantly you have to build problem solving attitude in you. There are four steps to get rid from stress. If you go through from these four stages. And deal with your stress. I bet, you can solve your problems and get rid from stress

1) Know your problem in depth

Try to find out the root cause of your problem. Once you reach at root. You come to know what the problem actually is.

2) Search reason

Now the second step is search reason of your problem. It can be one or more. there are main four reasons of stress. To clarify, You can read by clicking on button

3) Expert advice

After understanding the problem and recognising the reasons. You have to discuss with experience ones. You have to take advice from expert of particular industry. Your parents and loved ones can solve your problem. So that you can solve the problem.

4) Solve step by step

Now the last stape is solve your problem step-by-step. first you have to write your problem. Then you must have planning on paper To get out of it. The most important step is implementation of planning.

After following all the steps you can solve your problem. And get rid from stress.
Wish you a great success ahead.

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