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Top 8 qualities of a good public speaker.

Delivering speech in public is not easy task. But at the same time it is not impossible too. Without practice no one can speak in the front of people. Therefore practice is very much important. Observing the qualities of a good public speaker would be the first step of your practice.

You can develop your oratory skills. And can speak like your favorite speaker, Before that you must know the qualities of a good public speaker.

The selected qualities, I have share, and content writing secrets of the end will help you to become a good orator. Or you can say a good public speaker.

The qualities of a good public speaker


It is a very strong feeling of energy and excitement. Enthusiasm is like interest in something and an eagerness to be involved in it.

Public speaker should be happy and positive. He/she should transfer the positive vibes into the public, for instance. If you want to protect your enthusiasm, then keep distance from negativity and anxiety. Keep it in your mind that public could get bored by dispirit way of speech. As a result they wouldn’t pay attention to you.

So, Here I have solution:-

  1. keep positive attitude.
  2. Be active always
  3. keep smile always
  4. Be passionate.


A highly confident speaker can win the heart of listener. Fearless speaking can build trust between speaker and listener. Therefore, The speaking of confident speaker will be believable and likeable than the less confident speaker.

If you want to be a good public speaker, then confidence is one of your powerful key. You can change the attitude and mindset of people. For that you have to be confident on your knowledge as well as message you are delivering. In fact, your confidence will motivate people. However, confidence is very important.

Exercise to become confident:-

  1. Work on knowledge
  2. Practice in front of mirror
  3. Develop personality
  4. Climb the stage again and again.

3) knowledge

One of the best quality of a good public speaker is preparedness. Orator should come up with lots of knowledge, lots of ideas, and lots of Creative thoughts. The main objective of speech should be educate people. Speech must be informative as well as unique and innovative.

Keep your speech short and simple. You can use story to explain concept. Sharing examples can be the best way to visualize something. Your way of expressing should be easy to understand. It will show your common sense as well as the knowledge you have.

How does being knowledgeable:-

  1. Read books
  2. Research of your topic
  3. Develop listening skills
  4. Read newspaper everyday.
Qualities of a good public speaker.

4) Articulation

Voice modulation is the powerful weapon of public speaker. Articulation can help to engage public. So, Your low and high tone can make your speech very impactful. Therefore, You must know to maintain scale of your voice.

If you are dealing with emotional topic, your voice should be vile and lovable. You are delivering motivational speech your voice should be strong and Powerful.

Exercise to develop articulation

  1. Self talk
  2. Sing songs
  3. Shriek
  4. Record your voice and listen
  5. Take care of your voice.

5) Gesticulation

Articulation is essential similarly Gesticulation is also very much important. Use of gesture is very essential to make speech powerful. You are aware that body language is very much impactful. Make sure your body language and content should be correlated. Because it has sence. Communicate with people through your emotions.

Do not get nervous. Because, Your audience are brave. They can read your eyes as well as facial expressions. Use hand gestures to engage the audience. Make it more passionate and energetic.

To improve gesticulation:-

  1. Teach someone with action
  2. Read with the action
  3. Dance/ exercise
  4. Deliver every message in gesture.

6) Smartness

It is the key quality of speaker. Speaker should be dynamic and smart. You must be positive as well as Brave. The positive attitude is very essential to handle any situation. Personality of speaker must be impactful. So, You can develop some charismatic features in your personality.

Put yourself in listener’s shoes and provide them what they want. Don’t get them bored. Catch exact time and crack jokes. You can share your personal example. Asking questions would be useful to you.

To do list:-

  1. Develop personality
  2. Follow the best speakers of your niche
  3. Develop your observation skills
  4. Try to think out of the box.

7) Timeliness

Your speech must be short and simple. Make sure you are finishing your speech on respective time. Do not just pass the time. Your content should be knowledgeable and informative. Make listener’s time productive. It is in your hand how to motivate them in less time? At the same time, How to give them solutions of their problems in given time span?

I would like to suggest:-

  1. Value the time
  2. Do not waste your time
  3. Be active every minute
  4. Finish each and every work on time
  5. Wake up early in the morning.

8) Be yourself

Best speaker do not duplicate someone. He develop his own style, for instance. Always be yourself. If you don’t talk like yourself, audience may see you as insincere. Authenticity is very much important. You should speak with a natural voice. So, Do not experiment on your voice. Practice your speech in front of mirror but, But don’t memorize it.

Qualities of a good public speaker.

Above all qualities are very essential to become a good public speaker. Now, you get the qualities of an orator. Here,in addition, I want to share the secret of writing the best content for speech. So, let’s start.

Content is king. Your content can make you the best speaker,for instance.

Your content should be:-

  • Interactive:- do not just share your knowledge with audience. Try to talk to them. Interact with them. Ask questions, Crack jokes, And make it joyful.
  • Engaging:- Do not get them bored. Know the age group of your audience. Then choose the words, and your actions. You must know where to behave like professional and where to behave like kid.
  • Easy to understand :- Your content must be easy and short. Share examples to explain critical concepts.
  • Authentic :- the information you are sharing must be corrected. Do not share wrong information in your speech.
  • Not repetitive :- do not repeat the words and sentence. Try to share different thoughts in each para.
  • unique:- share your unique and innovative ideas. Your thoughts should be innovative.
Qualities of a good public speaker.

Above all points are very useful to write creative content. Your best content will make your speech powerful and impactful. In conclusion, i want to say develop your oratory skills. In today’s era you need this qualities in Each and every field.

I am sure, you will go to rock on the stage. While delivering the speech keep all the qualities of a good public speaker in mind. As a result you will become good orator. So, All the very best!!!

Wish you great success ahead!!!

Share your experience in comment box.

Thank you!!!

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