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Self motivation :- to become success in your life

Hey mates! How are you all? Everything is going well? ‘NO’. Something is going wrong. It is obvious, because you want to do something uncommon. Your aim is high and Your vision is big. God is impressed on you that’s why you are facing difficulties. Without problems, you can’t achieve big. Let’s discuss how to push yourself and boosting self motivation within you.

On our way of success many times we find ourselves is in motivational slumps. And we want to get out of it. Self motivation is that thing, which will push you to overcome the problems you are facing.

Positive attitude‘ is more powerful for self motivation. Here I commit you with positive attitude; you will never be ever lose your self motivation.

How will you get a self motivation? Here I’m going to discuss with you the best way to have self motivation continuously in ten, easy steps. 

Ten easy steps of self motivation:-

1) Talk with mirror

Dear friends! The first step is talk with mirror. “talk with mirror” means talk with yourself. Spent your own time with yourself. I assure, you will easily get answers of your many questions. 

Let’s know the strength and weaknesses of yourself. Try to find out where you are failing? What are the reasons of your difficulties?

Now,Once you find the answers of these questions. After that you will easily overcome your problems. You will get self motivation.  

2) Meditation

The second and most important step is meditation. Because Meditation is very essential for freshness of our mind. Meditation will keep your mind always positive. And you must know that, Positive thinking leads to self motivation. “Motivation should not be outside in, It should be inside out.”

Now, in this position don’t talk with yourself, just observe yourself every day.

A) try to learn new lesson from yourself which will never die.

B) try to overtake that habit which is pushing you back.

Self motivation

Tip:- meditate every day in the morning in fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

3)Belief system

Dear friends! I feel, Self motivation is comes from confidence. Be confident on your decision. Because the decision you have taken is right. The path you have chosen is great. Be firm with yourself. Believe on yourself and your goals. You can achieve it.

Dr.vivek bindra says that belief system exist in your mind,”It can break you or it can make you.”

Believe in those people who have already achieved something big. Strong belief system leads to self motivation.


Time is money. So, Put deadline on your aim. at a certain age you must be achieved, it. Be the best performer in less time. You should realize the importance of time. Create do-or-die situation. Fit it in your mind “this is the only chance you get. And This opportunity will never come you again.”

Your deadline will gives you self motivation day by day.

5)stop overthinking

Mates! Your overthinking can kill your self motivation. You must know overthinking is very dangerous to health. And you will demotivate by overthinking. It will lead to will feel like hopeless. Just think and do it. You are thinking that you will get failure but apart from that you will get experience.

So, I would like to suggest you that do not think over. You will lose your path and self motivation.

6)Focus on aim

Focus is the key of self motivation. So,Focus on your vision everytime. Start to live in the future. The fruits you will get are delicious than your hard work. Focus on success or rewards not on failure or problems. Because problems and failure can demotivate you. Set it in your mind, at any cost you will achieve your vision. Make sure the toxic world can’t discourage you. Focus is everything. You must have seen that the successful people are very focused towards their vision.

7)Learning attitude

According to Dr.APJ.abdul kalam, “learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.”

Mates, always stay hungry for knowledge. Because knowledge is the only thing can rise your confidence. Read motivational books. The Successful/Motivational stories gives you problem solving attitude. Try to grasp knowledge everyday of your vision. And must work on research and development.

Knowledge will never die, and never let you die. I am sure that knowledge gives you self motivation.

Tip:- internet will give you knowledge within a minute

8)Upgrade yourself

Positive change is a essential for your progress. Bring change in yourself every day. You can observe standard personalities. You have to work on your bad habit. So, you will develop your personality and thought process. Trace your progress everyday. Because up gradation of yourself bring a positive attitude in you. and here you get a self motivation. 

9)Work in peace

Prepare your self for tough time. Most importantly get ready for worst. Inculcate problem solving attitude in yourself. When you get free time use it in positive manner. Improve your ability level.

It is obvious, you are going to face difficulties. But you will never be lose yourself. When you get that the situation handling a result you will get self motivation automatically. Therefore work of peace is very essential.

10)Pen on paper

Dear friends! Note down everything on paper.Write your vision in your diary. And Draw your plan on paper. Work according to your plan.most importantly your writing help you to achieve your dreams.

Why you want to achieve something? Write your “why” on first page of your diary. Your why should be strong. It will work like fuel. It will definitely give you self motivation.

You are really brave. Wish you success for your great future!

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