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Way of success

Hey mates! Definition of success vary from person to person.what is success for i am going to discuss with you the way of success with seven steps

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.

You are one of them like me.we want to achieve something big.we want to live standard life.we have vision to achieve something unique.

These are some steps to way of success, let’s discuss:


Vision is the first step to way of success.first of all you have to decide your vision.

“What is my vision? What do I want from my life?” Ask these questions to yourself.if you want name and fame your vision should be should be must be clear with your vision.stay firm on your must be know that,Always aim above the mark to hit the mark.

Now, your vision should be emotional, what does it means. Connect your vision to your parent’s goals.which they are looking for. They are giving their it’s your tern to give them clear with your “why”. 

2) knowledge

friends! Whatever you are decided for your successful future.i know it is great, it is unique. now, it’s time to gain knowledge of your must be aware of the path of your vision.

It is totally fine,if you don’t have the knowledge of your vision.i would like to suggest you that take advice from respective experts of that field.

Tip:- you will get information from Google and You tube


3) planning

The third step to way of success is planning.without planning you can’t work up to date.and can’t achieve what you have to plan minutely.

You have to work on time management.i would suggest write down everything. Draw your plan on paper. You may write small goals and deadline of that goals.which will help to achieve your vision.

4) implementation

Now, i know, you have proper plan on paper. but can you achieve your aim without implementation? It’s very easy to plan. but at the same time it’s very hard to implement that plan in reality. 

Don’t worry mates,now you know, your vision is big for that you need input.without input you’ll not get output.and here input means your implementation.  


5)Hard work

“Success,Can’t come to you Until you pay your hard work and dedication for it…”

Hard work is that thing which should be exist in you.if not then you must be clear with your “why”. You will find that the harder you work, the more luck you seem to have.

Dear friends always remember your vision, grow, through your plans. Always try to develop your self. And accept challenges. Your vision is going to take test of your ready for that.

6) self motivation

You may face mood swings, depression, helplessness,nervousness, indolence. 

Dear friends we are humans, you are going to feel is obvious thing. 

But I would like to suggest read motivational books daily before sleeping.there are many successful stories. 

way of success

Tips:- list of motivational books

  1. My vision
  2. Wings of fire
  3. Power of positive thinking
  4. The life lessons and rules for success
  5. You can win

7) success

Now, if you follow this steps. Who will stop you to achieve your vision? 

Your failure will convert into your success.Success is not far from,you will write your own story, which will motivate passionate about your vision.You can achieve your vision.


dear friends! You have that capacity.

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