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What are the reasons of stress

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if you are thinking you are stressed or not?, so just chill everything will be alright. it is not the question to be think about. why you are stress? it must be your main question. if you come to understand main reason of your tension. you can solve it.
let’s focus on what are the reasons of stress? find your reason and must read the tips given below

What are the reasons of stress?

1) less of money

90% of the people facing problems because of poverty. many people can’t even meet their needs. so they get tension. you might have problems because of less in money. it can be most significant reason of your stress.

◆ what can you do?
A) Earn money
B) manage money
C) find two or more source of income
D) start your own startup
E) smartly work hard to earn money
F) use your skills

2) Rising expenditure

May be your expenditure is greater than your income. might be you are buying the things on loan. you have to decide where to expand. the things which you are buying are really important and needed. your income decides your expenditure.

◆ What can you do?
A) Decide priority
B) expend money on needed things first
C) rise your income and then expenditure
D) learn management of income
E) adjustment

3) Comparison

Constantly comparing yourself to others, increases your stress. no one can be perfect. no one can get everything. we must understand this. when we make comparisons. we try to beat the others. and this competition puts stress on us

◆ what can we do?
A) develop your positive attitude
B) be proud on your skills
C) don’t compare yourself with others
D) compete with yourself
E) find peace in whatever you have

4) Expectations

When our expectations Rises we get tension. we have many expectations from Family, School, Society, job and surroundings. This institutions are not fulfilling your expectation. you automatically feel stressed. expectations from ourselves can be the reason of stress if you are expecting from yourself only. and you couldn’t reach there. automatically you get stress.

◆ Solution
A) Don’t expect anything from others
B) complete your work by yourself
C) the one who is working for you satisfy them
D) be happy always

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