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Build CONFIDENCE to present yourself

Congratulation! You have taken an initiative to build confidence. Here we will discuss on Why and how to build confidence. Confidence is nothing but taking initiative. Any achievement requires its first step. and here is your first step. to get knowledge about confidence.

What is confidence?

Confidence is nothing but the belief in oneself. It is your attitude to deal with the situation. Confidence is the ability to feel secure and knowledgeable.
Confidence means killing scare. Either you have faith or fear in your mind. both the thing can’t exist at a time in one house. Confidence means faith in yourself.

Why and how to build CONFIDENCE

lets understand step by step

Why to build confidence?

1) To develop mental strength
Confidence develop your mental stability. You might heard that you can solve any problem in peaceful environment and with positive attitude. And yes, confidence gives you positivity. It kills your fear and sort your mind.

2) To deal with any situation
Having self confidence means taking responsibility. If you are taking responsibilities you have to face problems. And yes confidence gives you that attitude to deal with any situation.

3) To get successful
You need to be confident to achieve your dreams. achieving dreams is nothing but taking right decision at right time. And you need to be confident to take right decision.

How to build confidence?

1) knowledge

It is the bridge between under confidence to confidence. If you have a better knowledge of your field. You can build confidence in you. Knowledge makes everyone perfect. So, I can suggest get knowledge and detailed information of your field. To

Some tips
-read books and newspaper
-watch news channels
-watch you tube informational videos
-be up to date

2) development in personality

The factor of personality matters alot in case of confidence. Pamper yourself for your better look. Groom yourself with well dressing. Your walking and talking should be in proper manner.

Some tips
-use formals
-follow your favorite hero/heroin
-watch best personalities
-behave like professional

3) skills improvement

You will get confidence after improving some skills. like speaking quality, positive thinking, decision making, problem solving etc. These all skills improve confidence in oneself.

Some tips
-take part in curricular activities
-try to speak in front of mirror
-try to solve critical problems
-live in the world of positivity

4) kill scare

When you kill your fear, you will feel like confident. Your mind can be the home of fear or faith. Both can’t exist at one time. So you have to just build your faith in yourself. There is no need to scare. No one will kill you. Just you have to kill your scare

Tips to killing scare
-roam around without anyone’s companion
-talk with strangers
-make innovative creations
-dance in group
-improve knowledge

5) present yourself

Now it’s time after killing scare. You have to present yourself. The 1st attempt can be wrong. You can do mistakes. But presenting ourselves is essentially to get confidence.

Some tips
-Present your ideas in front of friends
-discuss your thoughts with family
-have a discussion with group of people

Lastly, I can say building confidence is not that hard. Consistency is a key of achievement. building confidence is not the task of one day. you all have to build it everyday.

Wish you success!!! 🙂

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